Delivering Happiness
    Creating memories


    Feel the power of the new travel experience with your personal guide

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    Delivering Happiness
    Creating memories


    Feel the power of the new travel experience with your personal guide

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    Delivering Happiness
    Creating memories


    Feel the power of the new travel experience with your personal guide

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About Us

We're dreamers with passion for travel

The idea of creating something entirely new was born in our heads in 2012 after visiting the World Travel Market in London. Since then we have monitored the changes of the modern trends of the tourist business and the universal development of social networking and communication. Now we are ready to work hard to create a product that meets all the requirements of modern society.

With the lightning-fast development of the Internet, people can access information that previously could only be found in libraries. Travellers began planning their vacations with more knowledge of the tour companies and guides available. The only thing that has remained on the sidelines is the information about how things really work when you arrive. A lot of what you experience when you reach your destination comes as a surprise as your tour provider’s website missed out on a few important details. We will try to explore this niche with an entirely new start up project. We named it - Tourlancer.

Tourlancer is a place where tourists seeking the ultimate travel experience can come together and meet other travellers and tour guides to let it happen. The modern tourist can now enjoy a freelance approach to sightseeing, by fully customizing their travel experience without the exorbitant prices of traditional mediums. Welcome to a brave new world of travel, sights and adventures, beginning at your finger tips and ending in your self-arranged paradise. Shall we proceed?

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  • to create a platform on which travelers and guides can effectively communicate with each other

  • to attract tourguides and locals who have a passion to talk about their city with travelers

  • To find the most breathtacking destinations all around the world

  • ~to change the world~

    Tour guides

    Three easy steps to start

    Send us a request

    If you are interested in being a Tourlancer, please send us a request through the sign up form below and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Submit invitation form

    Our team will send you a form where you will need to write a little bit about yourself, your city, interesting places and describe an idea of the tour that you want to create.

    Welcome to our community

    Once you have been approved we will send you a confirmation letter. Now you are a TOURLANCER. You can start promoting yourself and meet new friends.

    get the full travel experience with our mobile app

    - Find tours near you

    - Check availability

    - Contact other travelers

    and much more...

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    Why travel with us?

    As we said earlier, we deliver happiness. Therefore, our efforts will be focused on creating a product that will no doubt make you smile every time you look at the photos taken while travelling with us.
    All you need to do now is just subscribe. If you leave a request, we will know that you are interested in our project. As soon as we open our resource, you'll be able to register and start travelling.

    Make Your Own Travel Buddy

    With Tourlancer you don’t work with Tour Operators, but Tour guides. Build a bond with the person who will be taking you around their city long in advance, so when you get there it will be like visiting a friend.

    Fully Customised Experience

    This is for the Dreamer who knows what they want to see, when they want to see and how they want to see it. If you want to visit the same spot every single day for a month, your Dream Mapper will make it happen.

    Pick Your Own Dream Mapper

    With so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a Dream Mapper you really connect with. We encourage you to start planning several months in advance, as this will give you time to find the right guide for you.

    Good Price Guarantee

    With Tourlancer you get to agree on a price with your Dream Mapper. Some Dream Mappers also operate on tips, which you’d give at the end of the trip if you are happy with their service.

    Unbiased Rating System

    The ratings and reviews you see here will be by people you can contact and ask for yourself. This encourages Dream Mappers to work even harder to make sure they offer the best service possible.

    Share Travel Journals

    Meet likeminded people who love travelling as much as you do and share stories. You can also share pictures or get advice from dreamers who have been where you are itching to go.

    24,860 miles

    around the world

    604 photos

    average make traveller every day

    7 Hours

    average spent searching for good destination

    5 cups

    of coffee average drunk per day in trip
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    Let's get started!

    Are you a Tourist or a Tour guide?

    We’ve got two great communities for you to choose from:

    If you like creating tours and mapping out all the best places for people to visit then sign up for our Community Tour Specialist Family

    If you are a dreamer as we are, and you love to travel, then sign up as a tourist and search for our Best Tours created especially for you. You can also get in contact with the tour guides (you can call them Dream Mappers) and create your own unique experience

    Our Blog

    Updates & Ideas

    Here we will share with you our thoughts, ideas and some updates. Check 'em out and you will find something new all the time. May be we will give you a secret map with pirate's gold. So, don't miss the opportunity to make you life a little bit crazy.

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    What do you think?

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